Directed By: Peyton Reed In this day and age, superhero movies are popular enough to justify giving Ant-Man his own live-action, feature-length film. Who the heck is Ant-Man? Who the hell believes a… Continue reading

Big Significant Things.

Directed By: Bryan Reisberg In Big Significant Things, Craig Harrison, goes on a road trip and visits the locations of things such as the world’s biggest frying pan or rocking chair. He cares… Continue reading

Observance. (Fantasia 2015)

Directed By: Joseph Sims-Dennet Psychological horror is a whole different beast from what is offered in other horror sub-genres. You’re not going to see a muscular superhero-type dude fight off a bunch of zombies,… Continue reading

Ludo (Fantasia 2015).

Directed By: Q & Nikon An Indian horror film? That’s something totally new to me. I’m no stranger to the foreign horror scene and I’ve enjoyed movies coming out of France, Australia, Norway,… Continue reading

The Gallows.

Directed By: Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing I’m the type of dude who goes to every single horror movie that gets released in theaters. I also watch basically every single independent horror movie… Continue reading

Bound To Vengeance.

Directed By: Jose Manuel Cravioto If you’re a horror fan whose especially into rape revenge films such as I Spit on Your Grave or Ms. 45, I’d ignore the negative reviews of Jose Manuel… Continue reading

Terminator Genisys.

Directed By: Alan Taylor I chose to watch Terminator Genisys on my birthday (July 1st). Based on the negativity surrounding the latest installment in the great Terminator franchise (the first two anyways), I… Continue reading

Charlie’s Farm.

Directed By: Chris Sun Charlie’s Farm has a lot of good things going for it. It comes to us from Australia where recent slasher hits such as Wolf Creek and The Loved Ones… Continue reading


Directed By: The Soska Sisters Vendetta is a WWE film that actually accomplishes what it sets to do. What does it set out to do? The answer to this question is simple and… Continue reading


Directed By: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza The Redeemer is the Spanish and super religious version of The Punisher. His goal in life is to wonder around Chile in an effort to cleanse the country of… Continue reading